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Being an artist is to step up – to make a commitment.

At 35, Christophe Lécrivain made the choice to be a painter.

Like artist Claude Closky, Lécrivain walked away from creative director jobs at advertising agencies. Although inventive posters, magazines and websites had earned him several awards, his artistic truth dwells among turpentine fumes and the magic of colors on the canvas.

His unassailable talent made the way clear to him.

Christophe Lécrivain’s art exudes a singular energy.

Intuitive and controlled, his strokes scud freely across space, subjugating it.

Jackson Pollock’s spirit echoes through his symphonic effusions, and Matta reverberates through his colored frenzies. Generous and vibrantly alive, these canvasses leave no one indifferent.

He’s a painter of liberated abstraction.

The graphic rigor of his work finds expression in form and construction. Each of Lécrivain’s paintings reveals a whole story to us; a story of rich worlds, emerging. In a playful nod to his background in graphics, he signs his eminently contemporary paintings with a stamp.


Journalist & Art Critic

Member of l'Association International Association of Art Critics


An early interest in drawing led Lécrivain to enter Beauvais Art School at just 17, where he learned the foundations of painting and drawing before turning to comic strips.

Two years later he packed away his drawing board when the brand new discipline of computer graphics captured his imagination.

Inexplicably, the heatwave of Summer 2003 triggered an urgent need to pick up his brushes again. One month of frenetic painting produced dozens of canvasses and drawings which went on exhibition that October. The success of this show set Lécrivain’s artistic direction: semi-abstract, vivid, accidental and bashed-up, metamorphic, stretching to reach outside the frame – in a word, original.



2019 : Exhibition "Fondation François Mitterrand" - Jarnac (16) - France

2016 : Exhibition "Hotêl Renard" - Jarnac - France

2013 : Salon SACA - Toulouse - France

2012 : Exhibition "Villa Fanca" - Girona (Spain)

2008 : Exhibition "Hotêl Fox" - Jarnac - France

2007 : Exhibition "Chez Paul" Angouleme - France

2005 : Contemporary Art Show - Le Mans - France

2004 - 2005 : 4 exhibitions in 2 Galleries - Paris France

2004 : Contemporary Art Fair - Metz - France

2004 : Exhibition "At vis-à-vis" - Island of the bowl - France

2003 : First exhibition gallery Exalart - Paris - France

1991 : Drawings noticed at the School of Fine Arts of Angoulême

1990 : Exhibition of Coy-la-Forêt - Jury Award

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